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Annual Grows and flowers from seed in one growing season, then re-seeds
Perennial Grows a low-growing plant and root system the first year, then the second year of growth it flowers. It will return each year form the root system, and will drop seeds.
Biennial Grows a low-growing plant and root system the first year, then the second year of growth it flowers. The plant will then drop seeds for the next year to start the cycle over. It you want to have a biennial bloom each year, just seed two years in a row.
Native Native to Minnesota.

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Dry Includes sandy, well-drained and various
Moist Includes various

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Full Sun Butterflies
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Minnesota Sun Mix (30 varieties - 9 reseeding annuals, 21 perennials)

Our most popular mix with 24 of the 30 varieties being native. This mixture is designed to give you a beautiful display of flowers all season long. The first year, the annuals will grow, bloom and reseed while the perennials develop short growth. Perennials return from the root, blooming the second year and also reseed. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds as well as provide you with fresh bouquets and flowers to dry. Contains 9% or less by weight of each variety. A MINIMUM OF 6 HOURS SUN RECOMMENDED. IDEAL FOR FLOWER BEDS AND HARD-TO-MAINTAIN AREAS. Can be planted 50/50 with our Short Prariegrass Mix for a great meadow look.

Shade Mix (14 varieties - 8 reseeding annuals, 5 perennials, 1 biennials)

This mixture is designed for areas which receive at least 3 to 4 hours of filtered sun per day. This mixture will give you a beautiful display of flowers all season long. The first year, the annuals will bloom and grow and reseed. The perennials will grow a plant the first year and bloom the second. Perennials will return from the root and also reseed new plants. This mixture includes flowers suitable for cutting and drying as well as attracting birds, butterflies and hummingbirds. REMEMBER: THIS MIX REQUIRES A MINIMUM OF 3-4 HOURS OF SUN TO GROW. IDEAL FOR FLOWER BEDS AND HARD-TO-MAINTAIN AREAS.

Short & Sunny Wildflower Mix (25 varieties - 14 reseeding annuals, 11 perennials)

This little mixture of 14 reseeding annuals and 11 perennials will give you color all season long. The first year the annuals will bloom, with perennials blooming the second year. This mix contains flowers that range in size from under one foot to slightly over 2 feet in height. Sun required for this mix is 6 hours a day minimum.

Annual Sun Mix (20 varieties)

The flowers in this mixture are adaptable to a wide range of soils. Our annual sun mix provides great color the first year and is a useful cover crop for perennials, erosion control & as an attractant to butterflies. For best results plant late fall ater frost or early spring. In the spring, germination seeds will produce plants with color in 8 - 10 weeks & will continue to bloom into fall.

Roadside Mix (30 varieties - 14 annuals, 16 perennials)

This mixture will naturalize many areas where a low-growing 70% grass 30% wildflower is desired. Warm and cool seasoned grasses are combined with our Short & Sunny Mix to form beautiful borders along driveways, roads, recreational areas and building sites. Plants range from 1 to 2 feet tall. Annauls give you first year color while the grasses and perennials are becoming established. This mix requires 6 - 8 hours of sun a day and is drought tolerant.

Habitat Mix (34 varieties - 23 perennials, 11 Reseeding Annuals)

This wildflower/legume mixture serves many purposes along with its natural beauty. It will attract butterflies and other insects for wildlife food and provide nesting cover for birds. Its fast growth will stablize soil on side hills, and also acts as a soil builder. The habitat mixture has been developed from many years of experience in providing wildlife habitat, conservation seedings and roadside development seedings. 50% of mixture is Wildflowers and 50% is legumes. This mixture works well by planting it with prairie grasses!

Native Tall Prairiegrass Mix

Tall prairiegrass mix contains 7 native varieties that provide excellent habitat for wildlife of all sizes. It also serves as an effective sound barrier, dust collector and natural snow fence when planted between roadways and living quarters. Its radiant red, gold & purple colors add landscaping beauty throughout the wall & winter months. Contains 3 tall and 4 mid-height grasses. Plants range from 1 to 7 feet.

Native Short Prairiegrass Mix

Short prairiegrass mix contains 4 native grasses that are an excellent choice of short & mid-height grasses that can be used for landscaping, mixing with wildflower seedlings, wildlife habitat or erosion control. Plants range from 1ft - 3ft in height. These grasses adapt to a wide range of soils & climate conditions. Its drought tolerance makes it an excellent low maintenance prairie. This mixture provides green color in hot dry months & gives great fall color heading into dormancy. Mix this with 50% MN Sun or Short & Sunny Mix for a natural meadow look.

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Hummingbird & Butterfly (7 varieties, 5 annuals and 2 perennials)

Attracts them with beautiful color! Keeps them around with the nectar they love!

Native Minnesota (9 varieties - 8 perennials, 1 annual)

This selection is picked because of the range of color and variety that are native plants to the area. Remember: because there are 8 perennials this selection needs two years for full color, but is worht the wait. Outstanding color. Six hours full sun recommended. Light, sandy soil preferred. Great for waste areas.

Daisy Collection (7 varieties - 5 perennials, 2 annuals)

These are varieties in the daisy-type flower group - hard, excellent cut flowers with long blooming periods. A few seeds go a long way. Needs 6 hours minimum full sun. Excellent for hard-to-maintain areas. Blooms all season.

Native Prairie Coneflower (7 native varieties - 6 perennials, 1 annual)

This is a fascinating collection of 7 different native coneflowers. Hardy varieties that will last for years. This collection will show excellent color during the second and third years. Long lasting blooms. Sun required for this mixture is 6 -8 hours a day.

Native Ornamental Prairiegrass A great sampler to get you started!

Create your own natural landscape from a collection of individually packed native prairiegrasses. Cut back old growth in early spring to ensure vigorous growth. This package gives you the diversity of different heghts, colors and plant structure. covers 400 sq. Ft.

Cut Flowers (7 varieties - 4 annuals, 3 perennials)

If you love fresh flower bouquets, this is the selection for you! These flowers are selected for their beauty and long vase life. This mix will give you fresh, long-lasting flowers all summer. Covers 250.5 sq. Ft.


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